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I came to One Life Chiropractic because I had been struggling with digestive problems, chronic fatigue, hormonal and thyroid problems, skin disorders and back pain for about four years. Before coming to One Life, I had tried acupuncture, massage and chiropractic at another office, but I saw little improvement in any of my conditions.

At One Life Chiropractic, I was adjusted, participated in monthly nutrition testing and bi-weekly footbaths. I started to notice an improvement in my digestive problems within days of coming to One Life. After five months of treatment my back pain was 99% better, my fatigue has gone down and my other problems are slowly clearing up as well.

Although I am still working on healing my body, I am so thankful to not be living with daily pain and discomfort anymore – thanks to the great care I received at One Life Chiropractic.


Before I started care at One Life Chiropractic, my immune system was very low. I had tonsillitis multiple times and I felt a lack of resilience and health on a general level. I also had not had my period for a year. I saw a couple of doctors who only gave me more antibiotics for my tonsillitis but they could not address the underlying issues.

I received chiropractic adjustments, nutritional advice and foot baths from One Life Chiropractic. I felt generally/holistically better very quickly. Even though my period has not restarted, I think my system is generally much healthier and more resistant and resilient.

Every time I come to One Life, I feel nourished and more deeply connected, wanting to live in a mindful and healthy way. I have felt supported, emotionally very safe and always experienced a lot of respect and consideration from everyone who works at the office.

I feel inspired to support my body, to heal itself and pursue this path of natural healing when I’m back in Germany.
Anna Kristina P.

I've been receiving treatment from your office for one year and I am having tremendous results!! My treatment consists of adjustments; detoxification via Isagenix and 'foot baths'; massage therapy; and supplements with ongoing nutritional testing. There has been a distinct and noticeable difference in all aspects of my life:

Work Environment: I work in a very stressful and fast paced environment for 50-60 hrs/week. - I have been focused and my mind is clearer than ever. - I am less stressed and more even tempered throughout the day. - I have more energy and it is steady/continuous energy throughout the day. (I used to drink at least 3 energy drinks per day…now I drink none!!) - I am more enthusiastic about my career and future.

Allergy Relief: I have had severe allergies for my entire life. I was basically allergic to planet earth…grass, trees, pollen, mold, dust, hay, cats, horses, etc. etc. etc. I used to take Allegra-D and also a prescription nasal spray on a daily basis. I now take no chemical drugs for allergy relief and I am perfectly fine!!

Back Pain: For as long as I can remember I had chronic lower back pain. I would have difficulty standing for any extended length of time due to excessive pain. Through regular adjustments, massage therapy, and recommended stretches I am happy to say I am free from nagging back pain!!

I am extremely grateful for all you, and your team, have done for me. I hope everyone is blessed with the opportunity to spend time with you at some point in their lives. Keep healing and keep inspiring!!


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